A file folder for tax information

Taxes are complicated, and despite the claims of radio and television ads, resolving a tax controversy is rarely simple. Tax problems can arise in many different forms and taxpayers often feel overwhelmed by a complex system in which they do not have specialized knowledge. The attorneys at Crowgey & Associates have over 30 years of experience in resolving tax controversies. Whether you believe you are being assessed with tax you do not owe or you simply cannot afford to pay the tax you do owe, we can help.

Our first step in addressing tax liabilities is to meet with clients and help them understand exactly what their specific situation entails. Next, we provide them with a path to resolving that problem. Our goal is to help you reach your goal. We pride ourselves on developing creative solutions that will resolve your tax controversy without destroying your hopes for the future. Resolving a tax controversy often involves making hard decisions, which may affect your day-to-day life in big ways. Based on decades of experience, we can assist clients in making fully informed decisions, which are in line with their personal and business objectives.

One of the biggest mistakes taxpayers make is waiting too long to get help. If you have a tax problem call us today to set up an initial consultation.