In a tax law dispute, you want the best attorneys to represent you

Do you believe the IRS is assessing you with a tax that you do not owe? If this situation applies to you, you probably already realize how daunting of a challenge it is to face the IRS on your own. With decades of experience in dealing with tax controversy, our firm not only is familiar with the laws and procedures necessary to protect taxpayers, but we actually have developed excellent working relationships with many of the revenue officers, group managers, and IRS attorneys in the Richmond area and throughout Virginia. Based around a mutual respect we have developed with IRS employees over the years, our firm is able to attain a level of cooperation based on integrity and credibility. These professional relationships will provide an edge in resolving your dispute with the IRS that other attorneys and tax professionals may not have. The ability to pick up the phone and have a candid conversation with a representative from the IRS whom we have worked with in the past can go a long way in ensuring a timely resolution to your issue.

There are ways to right the wrong. Sometimes the IRS has assessed a tax based on bad or incomplete information. Other times, a taxpayer may not be aware of an inadvertent mistake that resulted in the increase in tax. Still other times, a taxpayer may not be sure whether he or she owes the tax or not and would like to have the opinion of an experienced tax professional.

When we meet with you, we can determine the validity of your tax liability. If the tax has been improperly assessed, we can advise you on the most efficient way to challenge the assessment. We can also provide you with a realistic understanding of how likely you are to succeed. This approach will allow you to determine whether it is worth your time and effort to proceed. Alternatively, if we determine the assessment is correct, we can help you find ways to try to reduce the liability or set up a collection alternative, such as a monthly payment plan. If you think the IRS may be assessing you with a tax that you do not owe, contact us immediately. You will lose certain rights by waiting too long to act.

Get an attorney to help you properly follow tax law