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Located in the heart of the Capital of Virginia, our firm is within walking distance of most of the major state agencies. We possess an extensive understanding of the inner workings of the Virginia Department of Taxation and are familiar with many of the key personnel.

Since 1987, our practice has amassed considerable experience in the practice area of state tax controversy, audits, appeals and, in particular, state tax collection actions. We are well versed in the Virginia Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which provides a great many rights and remedies available to tax attorneys to level the playing field on behalf of their Virginia tax clients.

Two people that Crowgey & Associates helped with tax law

Crowgey & Associates has worked closely with the Collection Supervisors as well as the Director of Tax Compliance in resolving complex and unique tax cases of large amounts and assisting taxpayers in resolution of difficult tax circumstances. Our firm has assisted tax clients in applications to the Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Taxation for rulings and determinations regarding improper tax assessments as well as appeals to the Commissioner of Audits for various types of taxes levied by the Commonwealth of Virginia including sales tax, withholding tax, and corporate income tax. We have had success with

Offers in Compromises as well as withdrawal of state tax liens and withdrawal of wage levies by the Virginia Department of Taxation. We have a good working relationship with both special agents in the field as well as agents and Collection Enforcement Supervisors in the Compliance Enforcement Division of the Virginia Department of Taxation. We also have a solid professional relationship with the Office of Tax Policy.

Our firm’s founding partner, Guy C. Crowgey, has been directly involved with the passage and implementation of legislation in Virginia. In 2009 he assisted in the passage of a bill requiring the Virginia Department of Taxation to conform its policies and practices to those of the majority of the states in the United States and the IRS and to begin providing duplicate copies of all notices and communications to both taxpayers and the tax professionals who work with them. 

Virginia Legislature where tax law is decided

Then, in 2015, an article written by Mr. Crowgey and his associates caught the eye of state lawmakers and Mr. Crowgey assisted in the passage of HB 643, which affirmed a 7-year statute of limitations on the collection of outstanding income tax liabilities.

If you believe you have been improperly assessed or are having difficulty in dealing with an agent of the Virginia Department of Taxation, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss possible options and our possible engagement.